Automotive Tips from Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Lockport: Air Conditioning ? Common Problem

July 25, 2016

Your auto air conditioning system cools and conditions the air in your passenger compartment when you are driving around Lockport. It also removes moisture from the air to keep your windows from fogging up.A common A/C problem for Lockport drivers that visit Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Lockp... More

The Economy of Maintenance for Lockport Drivers

July 18, 2016

Do I keep my old vehicle or buy a new one? It's a question most Lockport drivers ask themselves at some time or another.Generally, what it comes down to is the choice between a car payment and the possibility of repair bills. Most of the time, we want to choose the car payment because we don't li... More

Will Proper Auto Maintenance at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Lockport Really Save Gas?

July 10, 2016

Have you ever thought about all the little things we do to keep our lives running smoothly - like vacuuming? It makes a room feel fresher and more comfortable. We may not consider that we're also prolonging the life of the carpet by keeping it clean. But Lockport drivers don't always extend those... More

Let Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Lockport Help You Keep Your Vehicle Another Couple of Years

July 3, 2016

Lockport area residents may remember when the U.S. government's Cash for Clunkers program made a splash on the news scene. People were offered incentives to trade in old vehicles for new, in the interest of better and improved air quality from reduced emissions.But a lot of Lockport drivers want ... More