Differential Service at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Lockport

August 31, 2022

Here at AutoNetTV, we have national viewers, like your neighbors in Lockport, who write to us with questions or feedback. One common question we're asked is: "What is a differential and what does it do?" You may have been told by your Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Lockport service advisor tha... More

Exhaust Service at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Lockport in Lockport

August 30, 2022

Whenever they hear the term "exhaust service," most Lockport residents think about exhaust pipes and mufflers. Well, actually, exhaust service at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Lockport is a lot more comprehensive these days. For example, catalytic converters were mandated in 1976 and on-board ... More

Fuel Injectors

August 29, 2022

The last new American vehicles sold in Lockport with a carburetor rolled out of the Illinois dealerships in 1990. Since then, all new vehicles here in Lockport, and nationally, have had fuel injectors. In very simple terms, a fuel injector is a valve that squirts fuel into your engine. Your engin... More

PCV Valve Replacement

August 28, 2022

Hello Lockport, let's talk about your often-unnoticed but extremely important PCV valve. The energy from exploding fuel is what powers your engine. But some of the vapors from the explosions escape into the lower part of the engine, called the crankcase. The crankcase is where your engine oil han... More

What You Need to Know from Your Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Lockport Service Advisor

August 28, 2022

Lockport drivers may feel intimidated when they take their vehicles to a service center. They have questions but aren't sure how to ask. They don't want to feel embarrassed about their lack of knowledge. They don't want to make the service technician feel that they don't trust him.If your servic... More

Severe Service Requirements

August 27, 2022

A lot of Lockport drivers have asked whether or not they should use their severe service maintenance schedule, which is listed in their vehicle's owner's manual. It can be somewhat confusing, so we decided to consult an expert. Cricket Killingsworth is from QMI/Heartland, a manufacturer of aut... More

Winter Tires

August 26, 2022

What type of technology do you use? Do you prefer an 8-track tape or an iPod? When it comes to winter tires, much of Lockport driver's perception dates back to when 8-track was the best way to listen to the Bee Gees.Twenty years ago in Illinois, winter tires differed from highway tires only in th... More

Smooth Shifting in Lockport, Illinois: Transmission Service

August 25, 2022

So you have some exciting plans for the weekend. You're going to take some of your friends out on the boat for some water skiing. Of course, you've gotten the boat all ready. And you haven't forgotten about your tow vehicle. You've gassed it up and even vacuumed it out. However, there is somethi... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Tire Pressure Saves Fuel in Lockport

August 24, 2022

Underinflated tires waste gas for lots of folks in the Lockport area. Think how hard it is to walk in sand you just have to work harder because of the resistance. When your tires don't have enough air in them, their rolling resistance is dramatically increased and it simply takes more gas to get... More

Questions to Ask Your Lockport Service Advisor

August 23, 2022

We find that a lot of Lockport drivers are a little tentative when they talk with their automotive advisors. They want to ask questions but don't want to be embarrassed or seem pushy. Vehicles are very complicated and there's more to know about them than most of us have the time to learn. Maybe i... More